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This table displays the current positions for Small & Medium Grades 4-5 (Combined)
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Position   Dogs KC Name Breed Usual Handler Size Grade Points
1 Tiokanns Orange Tip of Hemadamean AW(B) Cocker Spaniel (Working Line) Heather Glouchkoff Medium 4 1299
2 Sophs Miracle Magic Minion Cocker Spaniel (Working Line) Sophie Jackson Small 4 1040
3 Jemstone Jemma AW(B) Cocker Spaniel (Working Line) Jacqueline Doyle Small 5 909
4 Mickey moo from Dysynnis Cocker Spaniel (Working Line) Sally Friswell Medium 4 793
5 Will I Am Junior AW(B) Cocker Spaniel Jackie Scott Medium 5 742
6 Sirius Jandy Lovespeed Cocker Spaniel (Working Line) Carolyn Booth Medium 5 720
7 Cleulow Sapphire English Springer Spaniel Stephen Doyle Medium 4 611
8 Tantripp Meraxes AW(B) American Cocker Spaniel Ella Carver Medium 5 535
9 Shadows Mystical Magic English Springer Spaniel Stacey david Medium 4 283
10 Breezybrook Gabbi Cocker Spaniel (Working Line) Anson Zheng Small 4 214
11 Bella Wild Willow English Springer Spaniel Rob Warman Medium 5 89
12 Bottlesford Odd One Out AWB Cocker Spaniel (Working Line) Kim Taylor Medium 4 73